MongoDB Resources

Somebody on #mongodb asked for some learning resources yesterday, noting that all the mongo books are not yet published. Sometimes it feels great to have a pulpy reference, but, in the meantime, there are plenty of resources out there.


10gen’s got a solid set of docs. A good place to start is the general tutorial. Once you’ve got your head around the basic ideas, go over and try the instant online tutorial to convince you that you want to install MongoDB on your machine.


To dig into a little code, there are some good examples for both the ruby driver and mongomapper on github. Check out the Ruby examples and the MongoMapper examples for some concise usage examples. Even if you’re not into ruby, these examples clearly demonstrate some of the Mongo principles.

Hosted MongoDB

If you don’t want to install MongoDB locally, or you want to get a hosted database, I can’t say enough about MongoHQ. Whether you are playing around with a free DB or launching a live project, MongoHQ makes it easy. Seamless Heroku integration? You betcha.

MongoFu appears to be gaining some momentum as a MongoDB resource, with nicely organized MongoDB tutorials as well as questions, articles and snippits. Check it out.

Other Resources

Lastly, there is a good list of external resources here that will no doubt be kept up-to-date better than this blog.

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